My resume

My resume

Nandeshwar Sakharam Katenga

Seeking opportunities for a digital marketing partnership.

Nandesh Katenga

Career Objective

As a dedicated digital marketer with a passion for innovation and growth, I aspire to establish a successful digital marketing agency and software development company. My goal is to leverage my expertise in digital marketing strategies and software development to deliver impactful solutions, drive business growth, and provide exceptional value to clients in the digital landscape.

Age30 years
Marital statusMarried (2 Children)

Contact me

+919637529982 / 9834754391

[email protected] | [email protected] nandeshwar-katenga

Address: Village – Kosbi/Bk, Po. Nilaj, Tah. Deori, Dist. Gondia, Maharashtra – 441901

Office: NSK Multiservices, Panchshil Square, Shedepar Road, Near Rajgire Atta Chakki, Deori – 441901

Equipments: 4 Computer Systems with Power Inverter, Branding Material Printing and other essential office equipment.

Language Skills

  • English (Conversational)
  • Hindi (Fluent)
  • Marathi (Conversational)
  • Other Regional Languages: Chhattisgarhi, Gondi


Education & Year of CompletionInstitute/Organisation
Digital Marketing and Programming SkillsI learned from free stuff on the Internet, and I’m still learning and keeping up with regular updates from Marketing experts.
B. Com – 2019Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Dawki/Deori
Internship in Java (6 Months: 2015-16)AppNet Groups, Nagpur
Diploma in Computer Technology (Polytechnique) – 2015Chhtrapati Institute of Technology, Deori
HSC (Science) – 2012Manoharbhai Patel, Higher Secondary School, Deori


Web & App Development

Basic Graphics Designing & Video Editing (Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, Premier Pro, Canva)

Creating Digital Marketing Strategy (Website optimisation, Keyword Research, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Ads Management and Social Media Marketing)

Programming Languages:

Web Development (PHP, JQuery, CSS, HTML), Mobile App Development (Java for Android & Flutter Framework).

Interested to learn in Future: Laravel Framework, WordPress Development, Kotlin, Node.js, Python, AI/ML, Business Automation Tools Development.


Generative AI Tools (ChatGPT, Bing Copilot), Marketing Tools, MS Office Tools, WordPress based website management, Web Hosting Management, Programmatic Automation.

Achievements –

  1. Utilized digital marketing techniques to increase RNFI Services’ retail agent network to over 1300 across the country in 24 months.
  2. My Paynearby referral code has been utilized by over 2300 users, accomplished through sharing the code via my blog website.
  3. I optimized my website to attract over 2000 visitors per day.
  4. I realized the power of co-operation and formed “Kosbi Associates” a Self-Help group (SHG) of youth in Village.

Work Experience

1) Field Sales Agent

Worked as a Distributor with PayNearby (Nearby Technologies Ltd) while studying B.COM. During this time, I developed a Gondi Dictionary for Web, Windows, and Android platforms. Also initiated the journey towards digital marketing. (2017 – 2019).

2) Super Distributor (Relipay – RNFI Services Pvt Ltd)

Joined as a Super Distributor with RNFI Services after gaining a basic understanding of SEO and Digital Marketing. Established a network of 1300+ Retail Agents, focusing on lead generation and onboarding. Provided customer support via WhatsApp and Email, ensuring quick responses within 10 minutes. Used various digital marketing strategies for acquiring new Retail Agents and to earn trust. Also engaged in physical product sales on platforms like Amazon and own eCommerce store, Sold more than 50 Mini ATM machines across country. (2019 – December, 2022).

3) Digital Marketing for In-House Projects

Engaged in digital marketing activities (SEO, SMM, Facebook/Google Ads, Content Marketing) for own projects. (2019 – Present).

4) Daily Collection Agent (Sahayog MSCCS)

Currently employed as a Daily Collection Agent. (June 19, 2023 – Present).

5) Crayonbiz LLP

I collaborated with my freelancer friend, Kanchan Salame for a short period, on a Flutter project for Crayonbiz LLP. This experience provided me with valuable insights into the Flutter framework and project management on GitHub within a team setting. (November/December, 2023)

6) Ongoing research and study

Continuously involved in studying and researching Banking & Finance, Digital Marketing, and Computer Technology. Publishes related articles on personal blog websites:,,,


I hereby confirm that all the facts stated above are accurate to the best of my belief.