What we really do?

We appoint and train super distributors [partners] and distributors across India to provide the best services to their retailers.

Our Vision

We are working as super distributors with RNFI Services and our dream is to deliver basic banking services to every corner of the country.

History of Beginning

We started this business as Paynearby Distributor from 2016 and now we have grown our business with top AEPS provider companies like RNFI Services and Roinet.

[electro_team_member display_style=”circle” name=”Nandeshwar Katenga” designation=”CEO/Founder” profile_pic=”23047″]
[electro_team_member display_style=”circle” name=”Durjan Nishad” designation=”Partner” profile_pic=”23049″]
[electro_team_member display_style=”circle” name=”Kamlesh Madavi” designation=”Partner” profile_pic=”23052″]
[electro_team_member display_style=”circle” name=”Shivkumar Sura” designation=”Distributor” profile_pic=”23051″]
[electro_team_member display_style=”circle” name=”Raushan Kumar” designation=”Relationship Manager (RNFI Services)” profile_pic=”23052″]
[electro_team_member name=”Rina Uikey” link=”#” designation=”Distributor” profile_pic=”23052″]

Available services

Primarily we work to provide Partner ID and Distributor ID of RNFI services. Apart from these, there are some services and products that we distribute to our partners at the best price.

RNFI Services [Relipay]

  1. Partner ID [Sub-Super Distributor ID]
  2. Distributor ID
  3. Retailer ID
  4. Mini ATM
  5. POS Machines


  1. Retailer ID


  1. COD available on partial payment
  2. Best Support
  3. Support Service in Hindi, English, Telegu and Chhattisgarhi language
  4. Fast delivery courier partners [EcomExpress, ExpressBees, Delhivery]
  5. EMI facility will also be introduced soon
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