Digital Marketing & Software Development Portfolio

Digital Marketing & Software Development Portfolio

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Thank you for the landing on my Portfolio Page, where I showcase a selection of my highly successful projects. Discover how I have utilized my expertise to achieve my own digital marketing objectives and propel myself towards success. Explore my work and learn how I can help your business grow or sustain in the digital landscape.


Project – 01

1. Project Title:

2. Project Description

3. Our Solutions

  • Conducted a comprehensive SEO audit and implemented on-page and off-page optimization strategies.
  • Created high-quality, SEO-optimized content to enhance organic search visibility.
  • Implemented conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to improve website performance.

4. Result Achieved

  1. Increased revenue in for Referral and Affiliate Program
  2. Onboarded about 1300 retail agents for RNFI Services
  3. AdSense Revenue increased

Failures –

  1. I have not built email list for email-marketing

1.1) Traffic between 20-10-2022 to 20-10-2023


Project – 02

Business Listing Management (Google Map)

2.1) Financial Blog

2.2) Online Store (Selling some free third-party Digital Products & Service)

2.3) Local SEO optimization – Nandesh Kirana Store


Project – 03

Browser Extension and Android Apps

I love programming and started learning when I was in 9th class. I’ve learned programming languages for making mobile and web apps. I bought source code for the DigiForum Space App and added some improvement, which is just the DigiForum.Space website as an Android app. I have published it on many app stores to get backlink.

I also developed browser extensions and also published on major browser extension/addon stores.

My primary aim is to gain some backlinks from high authority websites. These websites may not be relevant but the backlinks from trusted sites and high authority will help me to boost my website’s performance.

  1. Digiforum Space Android App: I bought Source code of Digiforum Space App from third developer team, and now I am managing and improving by myself. This app is built with Flutter Framework and WordPress as backend.
  2. Browser extension: I have developed chrome extensions and published them in all addon stores.

Store Links

  1. Google Play Store
  2. Amazon App store
  3. Aptoide App Store
  4. Chrome app store
  5. Firefox app store

Project – 04

Gondi Dictionary

After completing my 3-year Diploma in computer engineering at CSIT, Deori, I started a new real-world project to gain hands-on experience in web and mobile app development. That project was “Gondi Dictionary”, developed using pure PHP, jQuery, and Bootstrap.

I also launched this project using domain name and also made it available on the Google Play Store. However, despite the surge in internet users due to the launch of Reliance Jio offering affordable internet services, I encountered challenges in attracting a substantial audience.

Consequently, I temporarily paused the project and shifted my focus to SEO, and began exploring the topic “Banking and Finance”. Now, I have republished the Gondi Dictionary project using the Laravel Framework ( Additionally, I am planning to develop an Android app integrated with a REST API.


Project – 05

Biometric Testing Tools

I have created a website that brings together various tools for testing and diagnosing biometric devices. These tools can be very useful for:

1. Testing Biometric Devices

You can use these tools to test the functionality and performance of different biometric devices like fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, etc.

2. Diagnosing Software Installation

The tools can help you troubleshoot and diagnose any issues with the software installed on biometric devices.

3. Extracting Device Information

You can use the tools to get detailed information about a biometric device, such as its serial number, model, and other specifications.

4. Detecting Device Security Level

The tools can tell you whether a biometric device is a basic “Level 0” model or a more secure “Level 1” model.

5. Checking RD Service Validity

You can use the tools to verify if the Registered Device (RD) service on a biometric device is working correctly and valid.

Overall, these comprehensive biometric testing tools can make it much easier to work with and maintain biometric devices of all kinds.

Please click the link below to discover my project:


Project – 06

6) Earned google Knowledge Panel (Online Presence)

Our organization was recently recognized with a Google Knowledge Panel, showcasing our brand’s essential details and making it easier for users to discover and engage with our services.

This achievement reflects our commitment to providing valuable and accurate information to our audience and solidifies our position as a trusted source in our industry.

This version presents the Google Knowledge Panel recognition as an existing achievement in your portfolio, without announcing it as a recent event. Let me know if you would like me to modify anything else!

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